Draping in progress

Thursday’s mail held fabric. Shocking, I know.

I have a private commission for a dress due in late October. The way my process works is that I talk with a client, we discuss what they’re thinking of (occasion, colors, fabrics, styles), possibly we trade images from google back and forth, I make  a couple of sketches, get a down payment, and off we go!

This dress is primarily about the draping, so I spent a little time arranging it on Jane, my dress dummy, looking at fit and lines. And I remembered to take a progress photo!


This is a very rough approximation of the finished product, as I haven’t even cut the fabric yet. But I want it to have that one shouldered ease, the abbreviated open sleeve, ruched waistband, and a long skirt. The bare lines of this aren’t going to change a whole lot, just (hopefully) become more refined.


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