Monthly Archives: September 2013

Draping in progress

Thursday’s mail held fabric. Shocking, I know.

I have a private commission for a dress due in late October. The way my process works is that I talk with a client, we discuss what they’re thinking of (occasion, colors, fabrics, styles), possibly we trade images from google back and forth, I make  a couple of sketches, get a down payment, and off we go!

This dress is primarily about the draping, so I spent a little time arranging it on Jane, my dress dummy, looking at fit and lines. And I remembered to take a progress photo!


This is a very rough approximation of the finished product, as I haven’t even cut the fabric yet. But I want it to have that one shouldered ease, the abbreviated open sleeve, ruched waistband, and a long skirt. The bare lines of this aren’t going to change a whole lot, just (hopefully) become more refined.


Hey, look! A redesign!

Please excuse the growing pains as I work on yet another redesign of the site. I’ve enlisted some help and maybe I can manage to keep things more up to date with new pieces. Because, as we all know, remembering to photograph what I’ve made and then remembering to post it is not something I’m particularly good at. But we’ll make another try.  This is a complete overhaul, because this time, I’ve set up a shopping cart here, rather than through Etsy.