Earrings of the Month

I’m trying something new this year. Through the miracle of the internet, someone else can do the organization for an Earrings of the Month club, collecting money and addresses, and so hey, have a link: Falling Leaf Arts’ Earring of the Month Patreon.

The way this works is: I make a set number of Really Cool Earrings, from the coolest beads I can find, exclusively for the members. Those beads won’t get used for earrings again. You can sign up to get the earrings monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly* shipped to your house – the price includes USPS delivery. Your payment will be withdrawn monthly, not in one lump sum. If you need something other than my standard nickle-free french hooks, just let me know in the notes.

If you’re here, you know I try to make cool stuff. This is an experiment – if I get enough interest, we’ll continue. If not, I’ll probably cut it off next spring.


*bi-monthly and quarterly subscribers will get whichever of the sets I’ve made that I like best.

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