Kathleen also does some teaching – sharing the basics of the craft is a
source of joy.



Kathleen will meet with you and bring the appropriate tools to teach
basic sewing, patterning, how to use a sewing machine, inkle weaving,
knitting, crochet, smocking, spinning, basic medieval costuming, basic
renaissance costuming, basic victorian costuming, historically based
costuming, simple alterations research skills, wire-weaving,
wire-wrapping, jewelry basics, and various other techniques as well as
some design consultation. This sort of consultation is done on a
per-hour fee.


Small Group

Kathleen will also come teach a small group of people as a workshop or
evening gathering many of the above techniques, and some that are more
fun with groups, such as costuming from the thrift store. These groups
are limited to 7 people.

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